Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Good Day at work

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Now we're thumpn' along

No I'm not a rabbit, but the blog has been created and the updates after a little work are being posted properly. It's a sad day when I sit here at work in my lab and do this instead of play with my systems.....I know there production systems but guess what....even if I break them I have to fix them so it's all good, right???
After I get home tonight I'll update my picture and some other files that I only have at home, I'd do it now but I did succeed in breaking my FTP server and for some reason can't get connected right now.
BTW......Somebody....Please take the crack pipe from the president, I may be a woodchuck but if I chewed as much on trees as he does on crap, I'd have no teeth left....

The Beginning

Today will be the beginning of this Blog.....Brought on by boredom at work, happiness in life, debate in doubt of our goverment, the lies of the world, and the celebration of just simply being proud to be a geek.